Think before you leap
California State University Northridge (CSUN)
• Mathematical Physics
• Graduated cum laude June 1977
Self-Taught / Post Grad
• Independent Study - Xray Diffraction Spectroscopy (Caltech)
• Aristotelian Logic, Boolean Algebra, Neural Networks
• Electronic and Biomedical Engineering
• Computer Science
• Compiler & Software Architecture
• Real-Time and Embedded Systems Design

Member and Professional Societies
• Mu Alpha Theta, CSF (High School)
• National Honor Society, American Mensa
• Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society)
• Infinity International Society (IIS / IQNexus), Colloquy Society

   1974 - 1979
Design Engineer
R.A. Fischer & Co.
 1986 - 2005
President / CEO
R.A. Fischer Inc.
   1979 - 1986
Vice President / Chief Engineer
R.A. Fischer Inc.
 2005 - 2006
Transitional CEO
Labowell Corp. (San Jose)
   1979 - 1982
Vice President / Co-Founder
Quantrex Laboratories
 2005 - Present
mvoDesign Consulting

Products Designed
Commercial Products (Partial List)
• MD-1, MD-4, MD-8 Medical TMS Stimulators
• SE-2, SE-4, TS-1 Thermo/Blend Electro-Epilators
• ACS Helmet Integrated Communication System
• CP-16, CB-2, CB-7, CB-XL Computerized Epilators
• EF-3, EF-6 Transcutaneous Stimulators
• NF-3, Nu-Sage Skin and Image Analysis Systems
• SAGE Environmental Home Control System
• CF-8, NF-1, NF-2 Microcurrent TMS
• UV-9 Medical UVC-Spectrum Ultraviolet Lamp
• C-2, cMAX, IRIS-16 Single Board Computers
• AI Controller for Industrial Optical Displacement Follower
MD2 Project

 Projects, Research, Inventions
 Inventions / Research Projects (Partial List)
• Invented ternary (3-state) digital processing theory as an alternative to binary logic (1972)
• Created a symbolic language for representation of fixed and indeterminate logic (1972)
• Developed algebraic method for fast simplification of Boolean minterm functions (1972)
• Created assembly language called SCRATCH for custom discrete CPU designed in 1974
• Invented a programmable definite integral calculator (demonstration - 1974)
• Independent theory of TLU (threshold logic unit) Matrix for neural network AI research (1975-77)
• Invented solid-state Hall-effect seismograph (1976)
• Developed analog-to-digital data acquisition system for industrial machine tool application (1979)
• Invented palm-size optical pulse-rate monitor under contract (1979)
• Designed a High Performance Single Board Computer (IRIS-16) based on Motorola 68000 (1982)
• Designed a multi-purpose SBC (c-MAX) for real-time industrial control based on Hitatchi 6303 (1985)
• Designed magnetic flux meter (1984) and portable digital seismograph (1986)
• Created custom hardware & software for advanced Home Automation (HA) system (1985 - 1987)
• Designed computer controller and AI software for industrial non-contact optical tracking system (1986)
• Designed IEEE-488 (GPIB) data acquisition SBC for non-contact optical tracking system (1986)
• Created high-resolution image analysis & manipulation software for medical/cosmetic use (1989)
• Designed a series of professional computerized skin analyzers under contract (1990)
• Developed software and GUI for Slim-Navi mobile fitness analysis system (1998)
• Developed a programmable iontophoresis device for medical applications (2008)
• Designed and built custom networked whole-home automation system (2010+)

 Other Skills and Interests
 Professional Skills
• Corporate management
• Hardware design specializing in embedded systems
• Software design (Assembly, C, JS, Perl, PHP)
• Product design and development
• PCB design and layout
• Graphic arts, website design, hosting, server scripting [ See mvoDesign ]
• Product documentation, brochures, and technical reference documents
• Photography, image post-processing [ See
PixArtWeb, Photo Portfolio ]
 Hobbies, Interests
• Creative writing, philosophy, astrophysics
• Chess, number theory, robotics
• Home improvement, carpentry
• Fine art - Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Yunnan School, American Impressionist
• Terriers (Westie and Cairn) [ See Terrier Club / Terrier Town ]

NuSage Prototype

IRIS-16 High Performance Single Board Computer
designed in 1982 (Ver 2)

S.A.G.E. Video Acquisition and image processor
with Nu-SAGE skin analysis system
© 1989 MVO

OptFollow 7100C Industrial Motion Tracking
System with AI controller by MVO in 1986

SL-5 Laser Point Stimulator designed
for Japanese market in 1984

Slim-Navi portable fitness with Software and GUI
developed in 1998

NF-1,2,3 Series Computerized
Skin Analysis Systems © 1990 MVO

Home Automation
SAGE Home Automation System © 1985 MVO

Software Dev.
Software architecture documentation
for contract projects